2018 Winners

Svedka Vodka

The Svedka Banner Ad Curse

Bensimon Byrne


Svedka Vodka wants to help millennials have a good time. Over the past four years, its high energy campaigns have led the brand to exceed category growth and gain awareness with its target market.

However, Svedka needed for millennials to choose its vodka during high consumption periods such as Memorial Day, and, most notably, Halloween.

During the Halloween season, the company set out to scare millennials by leveraging their online behavior, tracking where they spend the majority of their time. Innocent vodka drinkers were ‘cursed’ with a cookie and continuously haunted and followed by creepy retargeting banners for the duration of the campaign. The brand’s banners were creepy – stalking internet users, reminding them that their every move was being watched, measured and weaponized for advertising.

The curse could be broken by visiting the brand’s site and sharing the only thing more despicable than that of retargeting banners: click-bait social articles.

To bring this to life a list of triggers was created so that headlines could be developed against site placement ads. These included day-parting, location, device, even things they’ve posted or commented on their social based on active listening tools. The idea itself was simple enough, but took unprecedented cross-departmental collaboration to pull off. Breaking down silos and approaching the challenge made what would have been good, great.

Campaign engagement of sharing content (‘the curse’) from the hub increased over ten times during the two-week campaign period. Overall CTR: 0.47% vs. and an industry benchmark of 0.10%.

Client: Constellation Brands Inc; SVEDKA
Vice President Marketing, Spirits: Carl Evans
Brand Director, Spirits: Vicky Arcos
Director, Public Relations: Meryl Van Meter
Associate Brand Manager: Karen Parente
Creative Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Creative Directors: Dan Strasser, Joseph Bonnici
Writer: Matt Doran
Art Director: Chris Brown
Producer: Caroline Clarke
Group Account Director: Chris Roop
Business Lead: Danielle Iozzo
Program Director: Katelyn Porter
Project Manager: Hana Yazdani
Creative Technology Lead: Patrick Schroen
Creative Technologist: Jamie Kaiser
Media Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Media Director: Thomas Shadoff
Digital Media Lead: Jennifer Will
Media Project Co-ordinator: Melanie Stevens
Programmatic Lead: Christine Benoit
Programmatic Optimization Manager: Nayab Mali
Editorial Company: Wingman VFX
Executive Producer: Samantha Simpson, Jenna Edwards
Motion Graphics: Lev Bravo
Audio: TA2
Sound Design/Music: TA2 Sound + Music
Executive Producer: Dana Gadsden
Audio Director: Steve Gadsden
Engineer: David Clarke

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