Categories span all aspects of the evolving media and marketing universe in Canada - advertising, media innovation, tech breakthroughs and entertainment content - so anyone can enter.

Ideas & collaboration are key to AToMiC recognition, and for more detail on what elements judges will be assessing in each category, please click here.

The main areas of entry are: 

Advertising/Media – Forward-thinking programs & media-centric firsts - from traditional ads that break new ground through to branded content that goes beyond what’s been done before.

Agencies, media agencies, brands or other partners may enter.

Content - New entertainment formats & models that engage consumers in new ways, from VR and games to webisodes and transmedia properties. 

Intellectual property owners, media companies, brands and other partners may enter.

Technology – Advances in interactivity, platform capabilities, metrics - any tech breakthrough that helps reach and engage consumers in new ways or increases the potential and efficacy of campaigns and programs.

Platforms, developers, suppliers, media companies, agencies and other partners may enter.

NEW! If you are entering a program for a non-profit, please choose Public Service from the drop-down menu when entering each category.

Entry Categories:


AToMiC Collaboration 

This category recognizes the people and players that persevered to effect change by breaking down boundaries and forging ahead into uncharted territories. 

From first-ever tech achievements to partnerships requiring risk and bravery, AToMiC recognizes the level of trust that enables industry Firsts.

AToMiC Design 

This is design that goes beyond beauty, and brings something entirely new to the category. 

Whether it`s a brand identity, retail design, packaging or a logo, this category celebrates work that takes design thinking to a new level.

AToMiC Engagement 

Best use of media and platforms to achieve deeper engagement by utilizing novel approaches to amp up attention. This category celebrates the entries that command interest and involve audiences in new ways. 

AToMiC Idea 

When you go beyond conventional thinking – with insights, projects and concepts that defy categorization – this is the award that recognizes fresh takes, from brilliant insight to execution.


Creatively economical ways to achieve critical mass and desired results. 

This category recognizes the clever resource-effective programs that blew past objectives. 

AToMiC Shift 

It takes a big brand to admit when change is needed. 

It`s not just fine-tuning, but making tactical changes to the marketing strategy or brand positioning that can fundamentally shift the business and boost its bottom line.

This category celebrates the companies that repositioned themselves in front of old (or new) consumers and walked away with positive results.

AToMiC Social

Socially-driven campaigns that break new ground to deliver tangible impact.

This category celebrates the best use of social media to reach and influence a demographic (or psychographic). 

NEW! Audio Branding

Branding has a long history of using audio, from jingles to mnemonics, and sound now extends to fields like acoustic design wherever audiences and consumers interact with your brand, from advertising to retail space to websites. 

Who has gone beyond the jingle and created a new audio aspect for their brand?

Best Broadcast Engagement 

This category recognizes the producers, brands and networks that are making the broadcast experience exciting by virtually – or literally – breaking out of the box with new formats, models and made-you- look innovation.

Best Digital Engagement 

This category celebrates the programs that make the most of the mobile, social, digital space with engaging content and sticky concepts that encourage interaction and participation.

Best Experiential Engagement 

At their best, real world activations supply context that amplifies content and fuels conversations. 

From ambient media, stunts and pop-up shops to physical/digital-spanning alternate reality games, this category celebrates clever use of an environment. 

Best Print/Out-of-home Engagement 

Press, posters, everything that entails the printed word, has to work harder now. From billboards to magazines, traditional media is going beyond its borders  – and via new tools such as AR and mobile – augmenting the depth of the experience. 

This category recognizes the efforts that elevate the medium by taking creative risks and pushing boundaries. 

NEW! Brand Voice

What does your brand sound like?

There are more dimensions to the brand/consumer relationship, and the new more personal, interactive and immersive touch points require developing brand voice in new ways. With the advent of AI (plus IoT, VR & AR), and deep data- and content-driven programs, brand voice is going through a major shift. From Alexa to chatbots – and any other opportunity for your brand to flex its voice – who has best tackled this new ongoing aspect of branding?

Cause & Action 

Moving the industry forward entails doing a better job as corporate citizens. 

This category celebrates the most impactful engagement plans for nonprofits and for commercial brands’ corporate social responsibility and cause-related programs, including media companies’ own and collaborative efforts. 


Sometimes the most AToMiC work out of Canada doesn’t run in Canada. 

This category celebrates ground-breaking programs created by Canadians for markets outside Canada.

Niche Targeting 

This category recognizes excellence in demo targeting, including effective multicultural programs, behavioural and psychographic audience engagement, and savvy addressability solutions. 

Online Video 

What makes video go viral? Simply put, it has to be different. It gives the audience that `aha`moment that makes you gasp, laugh out loud or shed a tear. 

This category is for online films that truly stand out.

Content Categories:


Breakthrough entertainment concepts and intellectual property launch ideas. Who came up with an innovative model and best used new platforms to launch new IP? Can include efforts ranging from film and TV to apps, games and other formats.

Brand Content 

More and more brands are creating their own content to attract, entertain and inform audiences. This category recognizes the new brand-created content programs that break through the flood of media options to command attention, engage, and ultimately influence.

Brand Integration 

When entertainment (like TV shows, sports or music) and brands come together, sometimes the whole is lesser than the sum of the parts, but occasionally it’s greater. This category recognizes the integration programs that go beyond what’s been done before, and add up to a more rewarding viewing experience and brand impact.

Best Transmedia 

To build an audience you need content that spans multiple storytelling and experience touchpoints, with unique yet complementary iterations across platforms. 

This category celebrates the producers, networks and brands developing true transmedia content – entertainment that intrigues viewers across many story realms and messaging that uses each channel to its utmost potential. From web series, to games, graphic novels and/or VR, transmedia content creates a complete fan/brand ecosystem.

Tech Categories:

Tech Breakthrough 

Advances across platforms, tools, metrics and other tech-centric innovation help content producers, media companies and brands to effectively reach & engage audiences. This category identifies the projects and the new capabilities that made a real difference. 

Virtual  Reality 

Don’t be fooled by its name. VR can have real impact. 

As the tech becomes more accessible, this category gives kudos to the programs that test the capabilities of VR and imagine new ways to use the tech for engaging experiences. 

Jury selected

Grand Prix: AToMiC Content – Content is evolving. The jury will select the best new program, site, app or commercial content from all the AToMiC entries, to recognize the brand, producer or network whose work most effectively reaches and connects with audiences today. 


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