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Every day, the world sees images of children worldwide, struggling to access basic human rights. Whether that’s access to clean water, healthcare, education, or simply a safe place to live. These issues move people to take action. So, they click, 'like' and share. But too often they’re unsure of what, if any, impact their engagement is having when it comes to solving problems in the real world. This phenomenon even has its own term ("Clicktivism") and can leave people feeling disconnected from the causes they support.

However, when it comes to World Vision, the team believes the awareness that comes from digital engagement can be the first step to solving actual problems. The idea was to recognize World Vision Instagram followers for their support, by showing the tangible impact they’re making.

KBS started by selecting images from World Vision’s extensive photography bank that depicted the everyday adversities people face worldwide. It wanted these images to represent the breadth of work World Vision does to build up communities through health and immunization, child protection, water and sanitation, and education.

To spread the message, it tagged World Vision’s followers. Then by carefully aligning and placing the tags, the team was able to add the solution that was missing from the image. Once posted, the caption asked viewers to ‘tap’ the image to reveal the tags.

“Tags with Impact” is the first campaign to use Instagram tagging in a new, artistic way. The agency created an opportunity to directly engage with a number of World Vision followers in each of the posts by tagging them, and simultaneously showed them as part of the impact that their support helps make. And all followers, even those who may not have been tagged, also got to experience the reveal of the tag-generated image when they tapped the post.

Three out of four posts out-performed the monthly average for engagement, with two of the posts receiving a 27% increase in the monthly average for engagement. At a more granular level, the posts also performed exceedingly well. Three out of four posts outperformed the monthly average for likes, with two of the posts outperforming the monthly average for likes by an increase of 20%. Two of the posts received more than double the monthly average for comments. Finally, all posts were ‘saved’ more than the monthly average for post saves, indicating that people were interested in re-visiting the content beyond their initial viewing.

Brand: World Vision
Agency: KBS
CCO: Matt Hassell
CD: Greg Shortall
AD: Caroline Sierra-Bornais
Copywriter: Robin Porter
Vice President, Client Services: Marie Magnin
Strategist: Michael Rodgers
Director of Content: David Quach

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