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Bathroom tissue is a competitive category with low levels of brand loyalty. The challenge for Cashmere was to convince their target, who are socially active, ambitious women, to buy its brand even when it’s being sold at a higher price point than its competitors. So, Cashmere needed a new way to connect with them.

The average adult uses the toilet six to eight times a day, but two million consumers have difficulty using restroom stalls. It’s called shy bladder. The brand saw this condition as a way to provide help to Canadians who suffer from the condition and to leverage this insight as a way to create a positive brand experience.

To help deflect anxiety, Cashmere targeted that critical moment of anxiety when shy bladder hits, by installing a device in bathrooms that live streams music to cover the sound of your stream. The brand made the playlist available online for anyone to use.

They created a network of interactive units and placed them in public bathrooms, mainly in office towers and urban, upscale restaurants.

With 61% of its target admitting to using their mobile phone while on the toilet, supporting this program on mobile would be crucial to extending its reach.

While the campaign is still new, initial home scan readings are showing an immediate positive impact on sales. After eight weeks, the Cashmere installation was used over 2.17 million times – creating an incredible 38,500 daily Cashmere branded bathroom tissue experiences across offices and restaurants and exceeding reach by nearly 20%. This suggests a preference, for now streaming units versus a traditional bathroom experience.

With almost 10 million impressions delivered across this campaign, the brand has provided help to more than 65% of Canadian shy bladder sufferers by merely creating a positive public bathroom encounter so they could go.

Brand: Kruger Products
Agencies: Maxus / John St.
Corporate VP: Marketing Nancy Marcus
Corporate Director, Bathroom Tissue: Stephen Blythe
Marketing Manager, Bathroom Tissue: Kim Lichtman
Maxus Group Director: Tim Davies
Maxus Senior Planner: Jason Black
Partner/Executive CD: Angus Tucker
Partner/Executive CD: Stephen Jurisic
CD: Niall Kelly
AD: Kara Wark
Copywriter: Ryan Kukek
Client Service Director: Heather Crawley
Account Director: Tamara Staines
Account Supervisor: Lauren Aitchison
Account Executive: Jaclyn Cooper
Account Coordinator: Claudia Buckler
Strategic Planner: Fanny Rabinovitch-Kuzmicki
Partner/Strategic Planning Director: Emily Bain
Executive Producer: Aimee DeParolis
Producer: Ingrid Chartier
Producer: Lauren Sloan
Producer: Raquel Rose
Integrated Producer: Neal Owusu
Executive Producer: Cynthia Verona
Director/ Editor/DP: Patrick Tomasso
Line Producer: Ben Robinson

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