2018 Winners


WestJet Plus: Premium Economy for all

Media Experts

BronzeBest Broadcast Engagement

When WestJet expanded their services to give Canadians a premium economy option, it knew it need break away from the status quo in broadcasting to position itself as the product of choice.

Knowing that its target audience’s eyes are glued to the TV but adverse to ads, the brand executed a never-before-seen media execution. First, WestJet strategically singled out the highest-watched television moments for Canadians – Primetime TV. Next, the airline created an unavoidable media product that lives within pre-existing, riveting media to broadcast its message in a way that made it impossible to ignore.

The company homed in on a once-overlooked area of broadcasting: the transition between content and commercial clusters, also known as the fade to black. It then re-purposed this editing unit to tell a story with a three-second transition.

The spot created a WestJet experience by branding each commercial break with bookended messaging at the top and tail of every cluster. This campaign’s never-before-seen media execution carries a unique value as unavoidable media messaging within pre-existing media that was once thought to have been tapped to its fullest. Better yet, it’s entirely PVR proof.

What’s more, these ads caught more than just the customer’s eye. Over 15 advertisers (including Air Canada) immediately called Rogers to get in on a piece of the action. All this goes to show that by planting a flag in unclaimed broadcast air-space, the brand proved that there are still ways to revolutionize traditional video – as long as you’re willing to hunt for them.

Brand: WestJet
Agency: Media Experts
Managing Director, Mediasystems Design, Media Experts: George Huovinen
VP, Marketing & Digital: Richard Bartrem
Marketing Communications: Rob Daintree, Director
Senior Manager, Marketing: Brenda Wallace-Ionescu
Advisor, Marketing: Veronica Anderson
Group Account Director, Publicis: Lukasz Dolowy
Account Director, Publicis: David Jones
Account Executive, Publicis: Alex Choi

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