2018 Winners

Interac Association

Story of Flash

Zulu Alpha Kilo

SilverAToMiC Engagement

BronzeNiche Targeting

In 2017, Interac wanted to get Canadians using Interac Flash.

Primary research and audience segmentation revealed Interac Flash’s target was a tech- and a change-averse woman aged 35-45 running her household on a below-average income.

She has a strong preference for using cash wherever possible, believing this helps her control her spending. The target also relies on her PIN-based Interac debit card, shunning credit cards and technologically advanced options such as mobile payments. For her, the emotional stability that came from using cash outweighed the convenience of newer payment options.

The company’s idea was to showcase how the product could help keep her life in balance.

The brand created a video called life in beeps, that told the story of a woman’s journey through the beeps of technology she hears from childhood to motherhood.

To encourage trial of the new card the company developed flash box, an interactive display installed in town squares. They surprised people with gifts relevant to the time of day for merely using their Interac Flash-enabled debit card. These activations were captured and distributed across social media for national reach.

To remind her in those-everyday-moment to use Interac Flash, we created flash it OOH boards and TSAs. Each creative featured an inexpensive item purchase that she might typically pay for with cash with the tag flash it.

Key messaging was placed in Cineplex theatres across the country to remind her to use Interac Flash for tickets and concession purchases.

By engaging with this new target consumer, we saw a shift in perception and surpassed projections with over 15% growth in Interac Flash transaction. Awareness of the product increased from 76% to 81%, and up to 90% amongst its target. The brand took leadership in the category, overtaking claimed uses of contactless credit cards with 40% usage and reduced use of cash and credit during the campaign.

Brand: Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CCO: Zak Mroueh
Executive CD: Allen Oke
Associate CD/AD: Gail Pak
Associate CD/Writer: George Ault
AD: Brendan McMullen
Writer: Jacob Pacey
Agency Producer: Pam Portsmouth, Tara Handley
Account Team: Rob Feightner, Russ Stedman, Laura Robinson, Hazel De Vela, Maegan
CSO: Heidi Philip
Strategic Planners: Emma Brooks, Heather Segal
Media Agency: Media Experts
Media Agency Planner: Josee Thibault, Phil Borisenko, Mareike Kanning, Taylor Guthrie,
Joanne Liontos, Sarah Kincaid
Director: Peter Cattaneao, Natalie Rae
Production House Producer: Andre Fitsialos, Marc Swenker
Director of Photography: Vinit Borrison, Bobby Shore
Casting Director: Shasta Lutz, Steven Mann
Editing Company: zulubot
Editor: Jay Baker
Video Post Facility / The Vanity
Special Effects: Sean Cochrane
Colourist/Transfer: Andrew Exworth
Compositor / Online: Wingman
Audio Post Facility/Music House: Pirate Radio, Eggplant Collective
Audio Director: Chris Tait, Adam Damelin
Engineer: Ian Boddy, Dan Horton
Artist: Ashleigh O’Brien, Brandon Dyson
Photographer: Adrian Armstrong

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