2017 Winners

Project Consent

If it's not yes, it's no

Juniper Park/TBWA

SilverAToMiC Social


BronzeOnline video

Sexual consent is a major issue. But the discussion is far too often made more complicated than it should be. And the focus tends to shift to nuance and grey areas, like questioning victims for dressing inappropriately and/or leading on intoxicated perpetrators. We needed to clearly define the issue. And that came down to one phrase: If It’s Not Yes, Its No. The campaign featured five characters: a penis, vagina, breast, bum and a hand. And they demonstrated the need for consent, within the context of relatable sexual social situations.
Launching on February 25th 2016, with absolutely no paid media, the campaign took off. Using just social videos and posts, it garnered over 14,000,000 YouTube views and 412,000,000 impressions worldwide. It was picked up by mainstream and alternative news outlets everywhere. But, most importantly, we created a new way to talk about this issue. We altered the conversation. And hopefully made the issue of consent a little simpler.

Chief Creative Officers: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn
Copywriter: Cole Rosenberg-Pach Art Director: Elma Karabegovic
Director of Production: Janice Bisson Producer: Jaclyn Morga Account Director: David Toto
Senior Account Exec.: Alexandra Carcasole
Senior Digital Strategist: Sara Nancoo
Account Executive: Dina Qahwaji
Designer: Elma Karabegovic, Louis Duarte, Max Hosseinian
Creative Technologist : Darrin Patey
Animation Company: Topix FX
Modeler / Designer: Steve McArdle
Sculpter / Modeler / Texturing : Raden Slipicevic
Rigger / Animator : Kevin Vriesinga
Lighter / Renderer / Compositor : Abdul Mohamud
Flame Artist: Matt Dochstader
Executive Producer: Cathy Jefferies
Music Company
Audio House: Pirate Toronto Sound Engineer: Keith Ohman, Kyle Anderson, Ian Boddy
Executive Producer: Maggie Blouin Pearl
Producer: Chris Tait
Stock music: “Mind the Gap” – Cezame & Gum
Who licensed the music: MusicLink for APM

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