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663 million people live without clean water --
Despite being the leading Charity provider of clean water, there’s a misconception that World Vision focuses only on child sponsorship. 2015 brand research also revealed a widespread association of the brand with negative guilt-inducing imagery.
Our brief was to create a campaign that could create awareness for World Vision’s role in providing clean water and drive donations to water projects. To shift brand perceptions we needed to do this in a positive way. Well water can make 663 million people stronger, smarter, more productive and live longer.
Access to clean water from a well is access to more than just water. For 663 million people worldwide who don’t currently have access to clean water, well water would change everything. It would make them stronger, by wiping out malnutrition; smarter, by making it possible to attend school; more productive, because days wouldn’t need to be spent collecting water; and live longer, by wiping out death caused by waterborne illness.
Create a product with unbelievable claims
We put the power of water into perspective for North Americans by turning it into a product that can make unbelievable claims. We called it Well Water. It’s claims –to make people stronger, smarter, more productive and live longer - apply to 663 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean water. Instead of a doing a charity campaign, we launched a product
Execution began with making the physical Well Water product and its brand. The product we created allowed us to use media like we were in the beverage category. In this space we became truly un-ignorable.
Teaser ads for a beverage that claimed to extend life launched one week prior to launch. A TV spot for our wonder product aired in major markets across Canada. Digital billboards, transit shelter ads, and wild postings boldly displayed the product’s outrageous claims in markets where World Vision has seen the largest decline and in places that would catch people in the mindset of consumption. Well Water was shared at sampling events and also sent to select influencers whom the products claims would apply to. All pieces drove to a reskinned worldvision.ca where people could learn more about real well water and donate.
Well Water garnered attention and donations
The bright aspirational brand we built around Well Water attracted people with the desire of a consumer good.
Traffic on WorldVision.ca went up 33%. New users went up 27%. And best of all, donations made directly to World Vision Water Projects went up 393%.

Matt Hassell – Chief Creative Officer
Kate Thorneloe – Associate Creative Director
Jess Carter - Associate Creative Director
Bob Makinson – Design Director
Brenda Surminski – Head of Broadcast/Agency Producer
Marie Magnin – VP, Client Services
Chantelle D’Aoust – Account Supervisor
Lauren Sharpe - Producer
Kinopravda - Directors
Frank Content – Production House
Vapor – Music
School – Editing/Post
David Tsigoulis – Director, eMarketing and Integrated Campaigns (World Vision)
Rob Garcia – Manager, Media (World Vision)
Sonya Cavalcante Marketing Coordinator, Media & Special Projects (World Vision)
Tammy Lau – Digital Media Specialist (World Vision)
Tim Davies - Group Director (Maxus)
Jon Hammill - Account Supervisor, Search & Social (Maxus)
Jason Wilcox – Account Director, Search & Social (Maxus)
Keith Bennett - Strategy and Investment Analyst (Maxus)
Andrew Tziatis - Vice President, Client Services (Maxus)

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