2016 Winners

SILVER: Best Niche Targeting


Mount Pleasant Group - Quitbit

Mount Pleasant Group is a historic cemetery and funeral services company in the Greater Toronto Area that was challenged with long sales cycles (10+ years) for a product that no one really wants to buy. UNION saw an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to a category that is typically static and uninspired. By reaching a new, younger consumer target and tapping into the current trends of fitness and technology, we got them to think about their end-of-life plans, and those of their parents.

As we thought about the brief through the lens of today's culture, we were inspired by current trends in fitness and wearable technology. What if we created a fictional device designed to alleviate the need to think about funeral planning? If there were a device that could take all of that unnecessary obsessing away, funeral planning would be simple and not something people would have to give much thought to.

So, we created an online video to introduce "Quitbit" – a watch that uses a sophisticated algorithm to measure how long you have left to live. Launched in August 2015, the video was intended as a misdirect and was filmed in such a way that the viewer might believe the product actually exists. We supported this shareable content with its own landing page (with an "order now" button!) as well as wild postings throughout the Toronto area.

Although the product itself was a hoax, the campaign reminded people that death might never be something we can predict, and started a conversation about the importance of pre-planning.

Media mix was carefully considered to target a younger, more tech-savvy audience. Native advertising on popular sites such as Reddit drove volumes of traffic to the microsite that promoted it as a legitimate product.

We also used programmatic buying to locate and serve digital ads to our target in places where they were planning/researching related topics, such as financial planning.


Advertising Agency: UNION, Toronto, Canada

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Glen D'Souza

Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Takasaki

Executive Director of Innovation: Mike Kasprow

Director of Integrated Production: Jen Dark

Integrated Producer: Gregg Vertes

Web Developer: Jordan Shaw

Web Developer: Keshav Vohra

VFX & Animation: Adrian Stiegler

Quality Assurance Technologist: Josh Roque

Director/Editor: Kyle Trotter

Director of Photography: Adam Crosby

Audio Production: Keen Music

Audio Director: Thomas Neuspiel

Quit Bit

Advertising Agency: UNION, Toronto Canada

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Associate Creative Directors: Glen D'Souza, Mike Takasaki

Art Director: Glen D'Souza

Copywriter: Sean Butler

Designers: Emmanuel Obayemi, Matt Stubbings, Adrian Stiegler

Agency Producers: Grace Lee, Julie Riley, Gregg Vertes

Group Account Director: Vikki Thorpe

Account Supervisor: Andre Riolo

Planners: Melissa Boyd, Michelle Campbell

Director of User Experience: Eric Sorensen

Front-End Developer: Brock Beldham

Back-End Developer: Keshav Vohra

Quality Assurance Technologist: Jeffrey de Asis

Production Company: Steam Films

Director: Matt Atkinson

Director of Photography: Brendan Steacy

Line Producer: Christopher Sherk

Editor: Aaron Dark / School Editing

Post Production: Naveen Srivastava, The Vanity

Colourist: Andrew Exworth, The Vanity

Sound Design/Music: Thomas Neuspiel, Keen Music

Best Buy Stunt

Agency: UNION, Toronto, Canada

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Art Director: Ryan McNeil

Copywriter: Alex Scott

Producer: Jen Dark

Account Manager: Emily Goldberg

Account Director: Ravi Singh

Group Account Director: Kimberlee Welch

Editor: Kyle Trotter

Executive Producer: Jen Dark

Transfer / Colourist: Adrian Stiegler

Cinematographer DOP: Adam Crosby

"Someone Else's Kid"

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Creative Director (Montreal): Martin Belanger

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Rica Eckersley

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Adam Thur

Art Director/Animation: Adrian Stiegler

Group Account Director: Victoria Thorpe

Account Director: Ravi Singh

Account Manager: Emily Goldberg

Strategy: Keefe Lee

User Experience: Eric Sorenson

VP, Integrated Production: Jen Dark

Integrated Producer: Grace Lee, Lisa Fournier

Studio Artists/retouchers: William Leung, Mike Nitsopolous, Mazen Mansour

Production Company: Spy Films

Director: Jonathan Bensimon

Executive Producer: Marni Luftspring

Line Producer: Scott Houghton

Post-Production: Panic & Bob Editing

Editors: David Baxter and Mariam Fahmy

Colourist: Billy Ferwerda

Music: BoomBox Sound (Toronto), Studio Z (Montreal)

Audio Director and Music Supervisor: Stephanie Pigott

Phone Block

Agency: UNION, Toronto, Canada

Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Adam Thur

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Rica Eckersley

Agency Producer: Jen Dark

Group Account Director: Cheryl Gosling

Account Coordinator: Emily Goldberg

Director of Technology: Mike Kasprow

Strategic Brand Planner: Melissa Boyd

Director/Editor: Kyle Trotter

PM and AD: Elli Weisbaum and Aaron Nadal

DOP: Adam Crosby

Camera Operator: Rob Walsh

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