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BRONZE: Tech Breakthrough

Molson Canadian - Global Beer Fridge

Molson Canadian has built an icon with their retro red fridge. Through the use of innovative technologies, the fridge has been opened by Canadians around the world.

Canada is known for its diversity. Molson Canadian's values reflect this, and so it developed a "Beer Fridge" that celebrated inclusion and diversity. Opening the fridge required "I Am Canadian" to be stated in six languages, by six different people. And with the PanAm Games being hosted in Toronto, the timing was perfect to show Canada's proud diversity to the world.

The "Global Beer Fridge" used cutting-edge mobile technology from Google to detect up to 50 different languages, decode the spoken word into text, translate into English, confirm that the words spoken were in fact "I Am Canadian" and ping back a confirmed indication in only seconds.

When passersby came together they were challenged by the Beer Fridge: "Say I am Canadian to open fridge," it stated on a screen. It seemed easy, but six LCD screens provided a hint that there is a bit of a twist. People began recruiting new participants who spoke various languages to help solve the puzzle – to say "I Am Canadian" in a different language to unlock the fridge.

The mobile array housed within the fridge validated that the words were actually being spoken in a language other than English. The mobile unit, built with customized technology from Google, was the result of a ground-up build integrating four different system platforms from Google (Speech to Text, Android, Chrome and search) and an array of raspberry pi and arduino modules to enable the tech to perform remotely, accurately, and in real-time for the consumer.

The fridge was the number one trending topic in Canada for Canada Day, and achieved 105 million media impressions and 191 online publications posted articles. EWhat's more, 34,000 individuals shared the story on social channels and over 75% of people watched the content online to completion – a testament to the targeted and relevant content presented to them. Through the use of technology, and a combination of teamwork and Canadian pride, the "Global Beer Fridge" brought a celebration of a nation together with a beer.


Client: Molson Canadian

Creative Agency: Rethink

Creative Directors: Mike Dubrick, Joel Holtby, Aaron Starkman, Dre Labre, Chris Staples, Ian Grais

Art Director: Joel Holtby, Simon Au

Writer: Mike Dubrick, Aaron Starkman

Broadcast Producer: Monika Ghobrial

Designer: Joel Holtby, Mike Dubrick

Interaction Designer: Todd Harrison, Dre Labre

Production Companies: Suneeva, Thinking Box, Stacklab

Director: Danielle Levitt

Post Production House: Rooster Post

Editor: Marc Langley

Audio House: RMW Music

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