2016 Winners

SILVER: Best Print / Out-of-home Engagement

Leon’s - Leon’s Moving Day

Every July 1, Quebec experiences a cultural phenomenon unique to the province. It's called Moving Day, when thousands of Quebecers move to new homes and apartments, all at the same time.

Leon's is relatively new to the Quebec market and was looking to use Moving Day as a way to introduce its new marketing strategy, as well as to drive in-store traffic leading up to July 1. After all, moving is the perfect time to consider new furniture.

The problem is that over the years, many brands have latched onto the event, offering consumers everything from free pizza and beer to physically helping them move furniture up and down stairs. Leon's needed to not only break through the noise but also introduce the brand to the Quebec market in a pertinent way.

Getting ready for a move means deciding which of your things makes the cut and what doesn't. In Quebec, furniture that gets left behind typically ends up in one place – on the sidewalk. That means the streets and sidewalks get flooded with unwanted furniture on Moving Day. It isn't necessarily old – often just low quality or purchased as a temporary solution and no longer needed.

We needed to let Quebecers know that Leon's sells furniture that lasts. Their products aren't just a temporary fixture that you quickly get rid of.

Our campaign began by telling Quebecers to get "Move-Worthy" furniture, a term we created to distance ourselves from the piles of unwanted furniture cluttering the streets. Then we took it further by turning discarded furniture into discounts. Large, real-life coupons were created and then framed around the discarded furniture across the city, turning the unwanted items into discounts for "Move-Worthy" items at Leon's.

Anyone walking by during this busy time could use their smartphones to immediately interact with the brand: a photo of the coupon became a coupon that could be redeemed at stores. And although coupons themselves are quite traditional, the digital element of these ones allowed them to be texted, tweeted, and shared.

We were able to not only generate awareness of Leon's offerings, but also to get Quebecers to reconsider their furniture purchases as a whole by bringing the overabundance of discarded furniture to light in a creative way. Most importantly, the retail element of the coupons drove consumers to stores.


  • 34.7% increase in sales
  • 15.8% increase in store traffic
  • 1 million+ earned media impressions


Client: Leon's

Marketing Manager: Lewis Leon

Brand Poobah! of Marketing – Andrea Graham

Social Media Manager: Autumn Hachey

Marketing Translator (QC): Marc Jobin

Regional Director: David Leclerc

Auxiliary Area Supervisor: Charles Dupont

Agency: Taxi

Executive Creative Director: Jeff MacEachern

Executive Creative Director: Pascal De Decker

Art Director: Dan Cantelon

Copywriter: Marc Levesque

Executive Producer: Cynthia Heyd

Print Production Manager: Laura Dubcovsky

Copywriter: Thibaut Delelis

Group Account: Natalie Calderon

Account Director: Rachel McGibbon

Account Manager: Rachel Riesel

Production House: 1One Production

Production manager: Veronique Tessler

Producer: John Kennedy

Director: Anthony Ayotte

Photographer: Bruno Florin

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