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Coca-Cola - Arctic Home

Launch Date:

February 14 2013

Objectives & Challenges:

The Coca-Cola Company's love for the polar bear goes back decades. Polar bears were first introduced in print advertising in 1922 and, today, remain one of the brand’s most loved icons. It’s due to this long history that for the last 5 years, CocaCola Canada has supported WWF Arctic research and conservation efforts to protect the polar bear’s natural habitat.

Insight, Concept & Execution:

Research showed environmental issues were top of mind with Canadians providing an opportunity. Leveraging Coke’s relationship with WWF, a unique partnership was developed in order to drive awareness of the plight of the polar bear and to inspire consumer action, including behavioral change and donations towards an arctic refuge via purchase. The Arctic Home initiative is a global program that Coca-Cola activates in multiple markets, each with their own regional executions. Because of the fact that 67% of the worlds polar bear population lives within Canadian boarders, naturally the Canadian market is expected to take a leadership position in the campaign.

Today, Coca-Cola Canada’s Arctic Home program is an important and ongoing effort in partnership with WWF. Given how remote the Arctic is, most Canadians feel disconnected to the plight of the polar bear despite it being a recognized national symbol. So this year, Coca-Cola Canada, in partnership with WWF, asked Canadians to pledge their support to help protect the natural habitat of the polar bear. This was done by bringing the fragile arctic ecosystem to Canadians in an engaging and powerful way.

The Coca-Cola Arctic Home is a temperature controlled interactive display where people can make a pledge via video, text or tweet, to reduce their carbon footprint. Inside the display are sculptures of a mother and cub polar bear standing atop real ice. The bears are large scale reproductions of a sculpture by Inuk artist Idris Moss Davies which was commissioned for this project. Each consumer pledge received reduces the temperature inside the display by -.05ºC, keeping the polar bears on solid ice and increasing awareness of the cause.

These pledges, have a symbolic impact on the overall temperature of the installation but when acted upon in their daily lives, have a very real impact on the overall temperature of the Arctic.

Results & Impact:

  • The display helped with understanding of the core issue – 54% unaided recall of the issue facing the polar bears in their habitat.
  • Interacting with the display resulted in change in attitude and behaviour o 87% were more concerned about the issue o Almost 100% of those who interacted with the display made a pledge to make a difference.
  • Coca-Cola was positively impacted with 69% viewing the brand more favourably and 39% stating a positive impact on purchase intent.
  • The display had an impact beyond Coca-Cola alone with 61% stating they now wish to support companies that target climate change , 55% personally wanting to make a lifestyle change to impact the climate and 43% wanting to learn more about the warming arctic.
  • The campaign was a winner of Strategy’s 2013 Cause + Action Awards.


Client: Coca-Cola

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo / Gravity Partners Limited

Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh, Peter Munck

Executive Creative Director: Shane Ogilvie

Creative Director: Ari Elkouby, Ryan Hryciuk, Mark Francolini

Writer: Nick Asik , Jeremy Carr

Art Director: Jenny Luong

Integrated Producer: David Isaac

Account Team: Carolyn Bingham, Sherryl Woodward, Laura Robinson

Planning Lead: Leigh Himel

Studio Team: Keeley O’Hara, Brandon Dyson, Heather Lee

Print Producer: Kate Spencer

Photographer: Jamie Morren

Creative Technologist: David Bastedo

Producer: Nicole Glickman

Developer: Mathew Koukounakis

Client: Coca-Cola Canada

Clients: Shane Grant, Michael Samoszewski, Carolyn Harty, Hayley Shay, Shannon C. Denny, Jocelyn Tse

French partner: Publicis Arctic Home

Installation & Display Production Company: Thinking Box Ltd.

Chief Strategy Officer: Amir Sahba

Engineer: Ali Hassannia Digital

Designer: Troy Graham

UI Developer: Bryan Kotjan

Director of Software Development: Michael Vay Lee

Line Producer: Dave Abbey

Program Partner: WWF

Sculpture Artist: Idris Moss Davies

Props Company: Atomic Props

Field Marketing Agency: Mosaic

PR Agency: Environics

Property Partner: Cadillac Fairview

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