2014 Winners


CineCoup Film Accelerator


The CineCoup Film Accelerator is a disruptive new studio model that leverages an innovative content engagement platform to discover fresh talent, de-risk ideas and -- ultimately -- change how independent films are developed, marketed and financed.


CineCoup and ‘first’ go hand in hand. It’s is the first film studio to secure a guaranteed theatrical release without a product (via partnership with Cineplex Entertainment); the first to use social voting and digital performance metrics to inform financing decisions; and the first to leverage filmmakers as a primary marketing resource.

To discover filmmaking talent and audiences for its innovative studio model, CineCoup created a content engagement platform and incentivized development program for filmmakers to showcase their talent, promote their projects and build audiences across the social web. The platform combines elements from popular fan-fuelled talent competitions (like American Idol) with successful Silicon Valley accelerator models (like Y-combinator), viral gamification hooks (weekly challenges, earned voting, fan leaderboards) and strategic marketing partnerships (Cineplex, Telefilm). On the backend, CineCoup’s integrated analytics engine tracks project performance and provides valuable audience insights.

By design, CineCoup was envisioned and built to aggregate the social clout of indie filmmakers and their fans. In its pilot Canadian cycle (February 28 through June 6, 2013), 270 indie filmmakers worked to package and promote 90 projects. Weekly challenges required filmmakers to create original content that was published on CineCoup and promoted across social channels. Projects advanced through the competitive selection funnel based on a combination of their content, social (Facebook and Twitter) and voting performance metrics. In addition to creating content, filmmakers organized events and designed their own marketing and PR campaigns.


CineCoup deployed an omni-channel execution strategy that includes:

  • CineCoup.com: weekly webcasting of original content, competition results, fan engagement hooks (earned voting, fan leaderboards, virtual achievements), integrated social feeds and sharing.
  • Social web marketing: viral promotion via aggregated social networks (x270 filmmakers). Facebook promoted posts, polls, targeted ads and events. Scheduled Tweetups and #campaigns. Livestream events.
  • Experiential events: national road tour (to launch filmmaker acquisition), milestone Cineplex screenings (Top 40 tribute and Top 15 Reveal in 5 cities), filmmaker-staged events for fans and media.
  • Industry events: Vancouver (VIFF) panel and party, Whistler (WIFF) launch party, Cannes (Top 10 featured in TELEFILM Canada pavillion), NXNE panel, Banff (BWMF) industry event, Fantasia panel.
  • Traditional PR: outreach for earned media.
  • Strategic partnerships: Cineplex Entertainment (theatrical distribution and marketing), Telefilm Canada (marketing).


In its pilot cycle, CineCoup leveraged its innovative platform to prove a new studio model. CineCoup is set to launch its next Canadian accelerator in Summer 2014. It is negotiating production partnerships in international markets and new verticals (television).


  • Secured two-year option agreements on ten film projects, each with measurable audience appeal. The slate was showcased in the Canadian pavillion at Cannes.
  • Produced its first feature, WOLFCOP, for $1.6 million with guaranteed release in Cineplex in June 2014.

Marketing highlights include:

  • 450+ pieces traditional earned media (print, radio, TV)
  • 2.5M+ pageviews on cinecoup.com
  • 5:12 average time on site
  • 50% audience in target demographic (18-34)
  • 40% mobile traffic
  • 10,000 hours video watched
  • 16M+ impressions on Facebook and Twitter


Client: CineCoup

CineCoup Founder & CEO: J. Joly

CineCoup Founder & COO: Brian Wideen

CineCoup Senior Producer: Amy Lennon

Jive Communications: Lindsay Nahmiache

Patio Social: Megan Halkett

CineCoup Chief Content Officer: Sean Buckley

CineCoup President Distribution and Sales: Brad Pelman

CineCoup Head of Film Production: Bill Marks

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