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Rethink Breast Cancer



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BronzeAtomic Design

BronzeAToMiC Idea

For years, campaigns have spoken to women about the prevention and detection of breast cancer. But what do you say to a woman who has just been diagnosed? During our discussions with 500+ women undergoing treatment, they spoke to how isolating it feels when people don't know how to talk to you anymore. How flowers, balloons, and mind-numbing optimism do nothing to help. And how they were sick of being treated like “a sick person,” and desperately just wanted to be understood. So, in September 2016, we launched The Give-A-Care Collection: The first line of products for women with breast cancer, that actually understands women with breast cancer.
So much more than just a product line, the collection bridges the communication gap between her supporters, while improving her quality of life. Available exclusively at www.giveacare.ca, supporters can customize a care package, with products like lemon candies that mask the metallic taste of chemo, or a zip-front hoodie that’s easy to get on and off post-surgery. All 22 items tap into unique insights, treating both physical and emotional side effects of treatment. But more than just gifts she actually needs, each product and online description are written in a way that offers a glimpse into her experience. With products such as the “I-don’t-want-to-have-thisconversation-either-but-it’s-too-late-I-already-made-the TEA,” and the “If-Ibarely-understand-what-my-doctor’s-saying-what-do-I-tell-my CHILDREN’S BOOK,” the collection offers both awareness and comfort.
Each product under the Give-A-Care brand was developed and designed from scratch, with icons crafted by hand. This same handcrafted aesthetic and attention to detail were translated into the website, the packaging itself, and all campaign materials. From conception to execution, the project has been praised as a welcome change from the usual clichés, standing out in a sea of pink. Breathing life into an often somber category, it feels young, fresh, and anything but clinical.
Truly a design for social change, the collection has created a whole new product category for women who had otherwise been lacking the necessary support. And with all products generously donated, a business model was created that cycles 100% of funds from supporters to patients, and back to the charity to further advance their work.
The collection has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the breast cancer community, many citing this project as ground-breaking, refreshing, and sorely needed. Several survivors have even said they wished it existed when they were undergoing treatment, which has been echoed by others wishing it existed while their loved ones were alive. Supporters have also anonymously donated, sending 400+ additional packages to newly diagnosed women.
What began as an awareness campaign has turned into a permanent and expanding product line, with ongoing interest from several high-profile US and Canadian retailers looking to partner and carry the initiative forward.
• Shoppers from over 110 countries
• Increased average donations by 565%
• 120,000,000 impressions with $0 media spent
• Featured on major media outlets, including The Today Show, Breakfast Television, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Chatelaine, Elle and Flare
• Featured at the World Cancer Congress in Paris

Agency: lg2
Client: Rethink Breast Cancer
Creative Directors: Chris Hirsch, Nellie Kim, Claude Auchu
Writer: Ariel Riske
Art Director: Zachary Bautista
Graphic Designer: Élise Cropsal
Account Service: Krista Findlay, Antoine Levasseur, Taylor Johnston,
Print/Web Production: lg2fabrique

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