2016 Winners


The Warehouse Studio - Guitar Book

Since 1997, The Warehouse Studio has recorded some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most legendary acts – from AC/DC to REM. To promote the studio around the globe, the team tasked Rethink with designing a notebook that musicians would want to take on tour.

Armed with the insight that inspiration can strike at any moment, the agency set out to create a notebook that would act as both the source of (and place to record) a musician’s inspiration. It brought this insight to life by creating a notebook with a fully-functioning guitar cover.

Collaborating with an industrial design company, each part of the Guitar Book was custom-built. From the laser-etched, anodized aluminum base (designed to withstand the hundreds of pounds of tension that the guitar strings place on the cover), to the wooden inlays on the frets, to the pen that doubles as the book’s tuning tool, the Guitar Book is a one-of-a-kind feat in functional industrial design.

Of course, we didn’t stop with the cover. The inside pages were lined with both blank sheet music and blank pages, making it the perfect notebook to record music, lyrics, and other random thoughts. But the best part: it plays just like any other guitar, making it the most rock ‘n’ roll notebook ever created – and the perfect notebook for musicians to take on tour.


Client: Warehouse Studio

Agency: Rethink

Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples

Designer: Chris Moore, Mustaali Raj

Writer: Sean O’Connor

Producer: DW

Account Services: Albane Rousselot

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